Find Tech Talents for Your Team - Remote Jobs Hiring Strategies for HR

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A practical guide to finding and hiring the best remote employees effectively.


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TechUp Labs presents "Find Tech Talents for Your Team - Remote Hiring Strategies for HR" to master the art of hiring top remote candidates efficiently.


This webinar provides essential strategies for startups/remote companies founders, HR professionals, and hiring managers aiming to optimize their recruitment processes:

  • Enhance Employer Brand: Strengthen your visibility and appeal to attract top talent.
  • Streamline Recruitment Processes: Learn to manage job postings across multiple channels for greater reach and efficiency.
  • Efficient Candidate Management: Techniques for handling applications, scheduling interviews, and extracting valuable insights.
  • Access Affordable Remote Talent: Discover ways to quickly connect with skilled remote professionals, reduce hiring costs, and focus on core business operations.
The session concludes with a demonstration of Feedspace, a free SaaS tool designed to optimize HR processes in a remote work environment.

Event Agenda

Introduction & Session: 30 mins

Gain insights into the latest remote hiring trends and effective strategies to enhance your recruitment processes.

Q&A: 10 mins

Address your queries and get expert advice on specific challenges you face in hiring remote workers.

Feedspace Demo: 10-15 mins

Experience a live demonstration of Feedspace, showcasing its features and benefits in optimizing remote HR processes.

Wrap Up: 5 mins

Summary of key points and next steps for implementing learned strategies.


Sruthi Menon
Remote Hiring Team, TechUp Labs

Ishan Harchandani
Head of Growth, Feedspace

Key Takeaways

  • Develop effective strategies to hire remote workers.
  • Improve your employer brand to attract top remote talent.
  • Streamline your recruitment process across multiple channels.
  • Efficiently manage remote candidate applications and interviews.
  • Learn about Feedspace and how it can enhance your HR processes.

Feedspace Demo

Join Ishan, HOG, Feedspace, for a comprehensive demonstration of Feedspace, a powerful SaaS tool designed to streamline HR processes for remote teams. Learn how Feedspace can help you screen resumes, and candidates and gather feedback for effective hiring. Understand how, using Feedspacein the long term, remote job recruiters can reduce hiring costs and automate the remote recruitment process to find and hire the best candidates.

About TechUp Labs

Since 2016, TechUp Labs has excelled as a remote-first company, pioneering flexible work models that boost productivity and innovation. This approach has helped us nurture top tech talent remotely and provides us with unique expertise in hiring and managing remote teams.

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Read from the curated booklist to gain valuable insights and stay updated on the latest industry trends, strategies, and best practices for managing remote teams and optimizing the hiring process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This event is ideal for HR professionals, hiring managers, recruiters, and startup and remote company founders who are looking to hire remote workers, improve their recruitment processes, and attract top remote talent.
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By attending this webinar, you will learn how to enhance your employer brand, streamline your recruitment processes, efficiently manage remote job applications, and interviews, and understand the use of tools like Feedspace to optimize your remote HR practices.
Feedspace is a free SaaS tool designed to optimize HR processes in a remote work environment. It helps in resume screening, candidate screening, and gathering feedback. In the long term, using Feedspace, remote job recruiters can reduce hiring costs and automate the remote recruitment process to find and hire the best candidates.
No, this event is free to attend. However, registration is required to participate.
No, a recording of the event will not be available. However, some useful resources and best practices in powerpoint presentation will be shared post event.
There will be a dedicated Q&A session during the webinar where all questions will be addressed.