Engineering Progress with First Principles


ROI after switching to Space


more revenue from new sellers


reduction in expansion costs


Navigating The Unexplored With First Principles of Engineering And Logic

Unveiling magical secrets of digital products

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Product Management Humanity meets Innovation

Breaking down the problems to their core This approach dispels

  • Confusion
  • Unlocks solution
  • Ensure understanding
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Getting into the root of the problem

Dispels confusion, and gives us a solution that is

  • Inclusive
  • Accessible
  • Respectful
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Until logic is proven, everything is magic

Intuition and creativity lead us to make innovative decisions.
To develop a technology that seems far from logic.

  • We are always on the outlook for gaining a deeper understanding
  • To grow. To focus. And, to learn
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Logic + Magic = Success

The first principles reveal core problems. Respecting

  • Dignity
  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
Efficiently laid back

When we have better peace of mind, we perform better and give more output.

Mindfully scheduled

We have the liberty to manage time efficiently and prioritize for maximum impact.

Alone not lonely

With our virtual workplace we are in the same place without being in the same place.

Healthy boundaries

For us, away from desk is away from work. No notifications till we’re back to work.

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Techup Your Wisdom

Innovate thinking for innovation

Cracking the Code for High-Quality Meetings
Cracking the Code for High-Quality Meetings

There are over 7 million Google and 13,000 Giphy search results for “hate meetings”. Beyond that, there are countless posts on time and money wasted in meetings.

Effective Writing For Effective Communication - Office Version
Effective Writing For Effective Communication - Office Version

Writing is an indispensable skill for everybody. It doesn’t matter if it's your profession or not, writing is an activity everyone does daily.

Applying Leverage as a Product Manager
Applying Leverage as a Product Manager

As a product manager, the job is to ensure that your team is working efficiently and effectively to deliver high-quality products that meet the needs of your customers.