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Natomic, the ultimate writing companion designed exclusively for Apple and Android users to start forming the writing habit, makes journaling a breeze.

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Journaling app
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The Ultimate Free Writing App for Your Digital Journal

Natomic helps you stay consistent with daily writing, tracks progress with a calendar and streaks, and lets you share notes as stylish images. It is available on the Play Store and App Store, Natomic enhances your digital journal and writing routine, helping you connect with friends effortlessly.

Daily Writing Journal App

Daily Writing:

Enhance your creativity and productivity by writing daily with ease.

  • Build a consistent writing habit with daily prompts.
  • Capture your thoughts and ideas in a dedicated space.
  • Improve your writing skills through regular practice.
  • Reflect on your progress with easy-to-access entries.
Scheduled Reminders for Journaling

Scheduled Reminders

Never miss a writing session by setting custom notifications.

  • Set reminders to fit your personal writing schedule.
  • Stay on track with timely notifications.
  • Boost your productivity by sticking to a routine.
  • Customize your reminder times to match your lifestyle.
Natomic Streak

Habit Tracking

Monitor your writing consistency with visual trackers in your Digital Journal.

  • View your writing history on a user-friendly calendar.
  • Track your daily streaks to stay motivated.
  • Identify patterns and improve your writing habits.
  • Celebrate milestones and achievements with streak goals.
Note Sharing App

Note Sharing

Share your notes as stunning images with friends and social media.

  • Convert your writings into beautiful image formats.
  • Easily share your notes with friends and on social media.
  • Customize the look of your shared notes with cool designs.
  • Spread your ideas and inspire others with your words.
Writing statistics

Statistics for Writing Habit:

We have collected data from various reports like the one from the 'National Commission on Writing' which surveyed 120 major American corporations; the 'National Association of Colleges and Employers'; and a '2016 survey by Josh Bernoff studying American businesses'.


73% of employers look for writing as a top skill in the workplace.


Two-thirds of employees working in large companies write as part of their job. For service companies that goes up to 80%.


6% expenditure by American businesses for making sense of poor writing material/content.

“ Natomic keeps my life organized! Daily reminders and growing streaks motivate me to write. The clean design makes it a joy to use. Highly recommend Natomic for anyone who wants a dependable notes app. ”
“ Natomic is excellent for daily notes. The reliable reminders and motivating streaks feature are great. Plus, the clean user interface makes it a joy to use. Highly recommended! ”
“ Natomic is a fantastic app for keeping track of my daily notes. The reminders are super helpful and make sure I never forget to write. I love the streak feature because it keeps me motivated to write every day. ”
“ Natomic has made a big difference in how I manage my notes and reminders. It's efficient, motivating, and aesthetically pleasing. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and user-friendly notes app. ”

Let’s start writing.
One day, one line.

With Natomic as your co-passenger, you are ready to become a consistent writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Natomic is your personal space designed for daily writing, reflection, and self-discovery. Our journal app allows you to effortlessly capture your thoughts, express emotions, and document your journey, helping you transform your words into a meaningful narrative of personal growth.
After selecting a note in Natomic, tap the share icon located in the top right corner. You will be presented with a variety of cool templates to choose from. Simply select your desired template, tap the share button, and you can easily send your note as an image to other apps or friends.
To set up writing reminders in Natomic, go to the home screen and tap the notification button in the top right corner. Then, choose a convenient time for your reminders and press the 'Set Now' button. You'll start receiving daily notifications at your chosen time to remind you to write.
The calendar view in Natomic displays the days you have written and the days you missed, making it easy to track your writing habits and consistency.
The daily streak feature in Natomic keeps track of how many consecutive days you've written. It motivates you to maintain your writing habit by showing your progress as a streak.