AI Developer

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  • Full-Time
Company Overview:

TechUp Labs is actively seeking a talented AI Developer to join our team and contribute to the advancement of our innovative products. As a leading product-based IT company, we specialize in developing cutting-edge solutions across diverse domains such as health, education, sports, and more.

About the Job:

As an AI Developer at TechUp Labs, you will play a crucial role in driving the evolution of our products through the application of artificial intelligence technologies. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, you'll be responsible for developing AI solutions that enhance our products' capabilities and deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Design, develop, and deploy AI models and algorithms to solve complex problems and enhance product functionality.
  • Collaborate with product managers, designers, and engineers to integrate AI capabilities into product roadmaps and development cycles.
  • Lead AI development processes including data collection, preprocessing, model training, evaluation, and deployment.
  • Work closely with engineering teams to ensure seamless integration of AI solutions and optimal performance within product environments.
  • Stay updated on the latest advancements in AI technologies and techniques, and identify opportunities for innovation and improvement.
  • Communicate AI updates, progress, and insights to stakeholders, ensuring alignment with product goals and objectives.
  • Gather and analyze data to measure the performance and effectiveness of AI models, and iterate based on insights and feedback.
Required Skills and Qualifications:
  • Proven experience as an AI Developer or similar role in a software development environment.
  • Strong technical background with expertise in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, or Java, and familiarity with AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or sci-kit-learn.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to design and implement AI solutions to address specific business challenges.
  • Exceptional communication skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and articulate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field (or equivalent experience).
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience with AI development tools and platforms such as TensorFlow Serving, AWS SageMaker, or Google Cloud AI Platform.
  • Familiarity with AI ethics and responsible AI practices.
  • Previous experience in a startup or high-growth environment.
About You:

We're seeking candidates with a passion for artificial intelligence and a drive to deliver innovative solutions that drive business success. You should thrive in a collaborative environment and demonstrate a strong sense of ownership and accountability.

  • Remote job with flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • Competitive benefits package to support a healthy work-life balance.
  • Opportunities for career advancement and professional development.
How to Apply:

Please submit your resume highlighting your relevant experience and why you're interested in joining our team. Feel free to include any relevant projects or achievements that demonstrate your expertise in AI development.

Additional Notes:

We aim to provide a fair and inclusive hiring process. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity.

Next Steps:
  • Qualified candidates will be contacted for an initial interview with our hiring team.
  • Shortlisted candidates will participate in additional interviews with key stakeholders to assess cultural fit and technical competency.

We eagerly anticipate receiving your application and welcoming a talented AI Developer to our team!

P.S.Our BYOD policy applies here too. If you have a personal system with 8GB RAM & i5 processor or more, you're all set!

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