Frequently Asked Questions

"Hacking Sales" by Max Altschuler, "Product Demos That Sell" by Steli Efti, and "The Science of Selling" by David Hoffeld are some of the best sales books.
Consultative selling, which involves actively listening to and understanding customers is the most effective sales technique. This includes providing social proof evidence, which can lead to increased closing rates of up to 50%. The multi-touch approach is another useful sales technique.
Efficient sales processes, personalized customer experiences, and effective use of upselling and cross-selling are some of the proven ways to increase sales by 10-20%. Also, product improvements based on customer feedback can result in increased sales.
Having thorough product knowledge, effective use of CRM for lead management, a deep focus on building relationships with customers, and regular follow-up with prospects can lead to higher conversion rates for beginners.
Tailored pitches addressing precise customers using sales techniques such as the SPIN method and effective objection handling can help in boosting sales.