Ideas are Commodities
Execution is the Differentiator

100% Remote Since 2016

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Our Differentiators

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Round-The-Clock Innovation

We believe in the 1% mentality. Strive, innovate, and dream big relentlessly

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Lean Teams

We adopt the lean approach for agile experimentation and decision making

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We nurture transparency, trust, and accountability in employees to imbibe their impact on financial success

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Input as a Habit

We cultivate potent & positive habits for excellence & consistency

Our Values

We value Values, not Rules


We let our team be the most creative and productive self on their own


We take responsibility for our actions and projects, and what impact we have


Above everything else, we're humans. We remember that every single day


Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in work-life balance and that happy employees give the best output. We also save a lot of money and with the current technology, we can work effectively in a remote setting.
We work in diverse sectors like edtech, health and wellness, biotech, IT, e-commerce, etc.
A bootstrapped company with associated businesses is a recipe for a profitable company.
Employees have freedom and flexibility while working as they are responsible and accountable for their tasks.
We are accessible by all forms of modern communication. Email us, connect on Linkedin, or tweet us. (we could add links to all of them here)

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